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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How long does it take for a front door to be delivered?

    Your door will be delivered within 8 to 9 weeks after the received payment specified in the contract with Pirnar’s representative. Doors with special colours not included in the Pirnar catalogue, special glass (e.g. screen printing, glass panels, ...) and special designs (e.g. slanted, semi-circular, protective fittings, ...) have a longer delivery time of up to 11 weeks or more, depending on the special features relevant to delivery.

    All subsequent changes are only possible in writing up to one day after advance payment, measurement or order confirmation at the latest.


  • How can I obtain a quote for a front door?

    You can obtain a quote in several ways:

        • Create a draft of your entrance in the Configurator and send your request with the completed form to your nearest Pirnar representative,
        • Visit the nearest Pirnar representative that you can find on the list of all available partners,
        • Call your nearest Pirnar representative,
        • Send an inquiry here


  • How do you measure the dimensions for your front door correctly?

    To get an informative quote, you can roughly measure the dimensions of your front door opening but leave the more precise measuring to experienced professionals. If you are building a new house, you can find the measurements of the front door in the architectural or construction documents.

    If you are only making adjustments to your house, the approximate measurements of the current door or wall opening are sufficient to provide an informative quote, but you can leave the exact measurements to Pirnar's experienced measuring professionals later.

  • How is the front door installed?

    The quality of the installation of the front door plays a decisive role in its functionality and longevity; therefore, leave this to experienced professionals.

    The professional installation of front doors involves five steps:

    • Preparing and measuring the wall opening before installing the door.
    • Inserting the door frame into the wall opening.
    • Fixing the front door frame.
    • Anchoring the frame into the wall opening.
    • Sealing the door construction.
  • How do you clean an aluminium front door?

    Aluminium entrance doors are undemanding and easy to care for. The process is quick and very simple.

    When it comes to keeping your aluminium front door clean, you should bear the following in mind:

    • Cleaning of the powder-coated aluminium surfaces.
    • Cleaning of the glass surfaces.
    • Cleaning of the stainless steel, such as handles, pull bars and applications.
    • Cleaning and lubrication of the seals, locks and cylinders.

    We recommend an aluminium door to be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. For cleaning, use non-aggressive agents that do not damage the material or use the Pirnar range of cleaning and care products.

  • How do you clean a wooden front door?

    Wood is a natural and living material that must be properly protected and carefully treated, otherwise, damage to the surface or colour may occur. Despite the same type of wood, certain colour differences can appear on the surface. Even if we apply a glaze to the wood, sometimes this peculiarity of the wood cannot be eliminated.

    Colour damage is also caused by external influences such as weather and construction. Seek the advice of a professional to repair major damage. Minor damage such as scratches and small cracks can be repaired with a fine brush and water-soluble acrylic-based paint.

    Maintain wooden doors once or twice a year. The maintenance intervals depend on the colour of the door and the place of installation.

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